Let's help you shop!

Shopping is an essential part of our day to day activity. Be it online or brick and mortar stores, we all shop. But shopping is becoming more difficult by the day. Why? Why do I need a Personal Shopper?

  • Busy schedules lead to low attention span.
  • Crowdy walk-in stores are often time-wasting.
  • Thousands of online stores selling the same items means it’s difficult to identify quality.
  • Payment method exemption for certain countries.
  • Shipping costs can be very dissuading and tracking is no easier

Here’s how it works

We try to procure our shop items based on the present market language. But we can’t sell it all. There will be cases where we won’t have what you are looking for or you are simply not chanced to surf through our amazing store collections. Let’s say, for example, you have a fashion item that you want but are unsure about how to procure it for whatever reason. You then contact us with the product details, product links (in some cases) and pictures of the fashion item (for better clarity) then we procure it for you. It’s as simple as that.

But in cases of a very scarce commodity, we can suggest closely related items for you without compromising on quality or deviating from your need.

our customers say

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